About Us

Christ Lutheran Church
69 Mill St.  Athens, Ohio   45701
740-593-3144  •   info@clcathens.org

Welcome to Christ Lutheran Church, an open and affirming family of faith.

Our Mission:    As followers of Jesus Christ, we at Christ Lutheran Church seek to share God’s word, to show God’s love, and to serve God’s world, proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ to all people.




  1. Nurture and support the spiritual life of the congregation to cultivate a deeper awareness of our relationship with God and God’s work in our lives    (Expand faith centered activities)

  2. Maintain a strong ministry of service and advocacy in our larger community – locally, nationally, internationally (sharpen the focus of social programs)        Create a structure in which the service ministries of CLC are reviewed, evaluated, and prioritized (local / national / international)

  3. Increase communities awareness of Christ Lutheran Church (i.e. create stronger visibility).

  4. Be a high functioning and efficient faith-based organization.
    Assess leadership, governing structure, staff and volunteer structure
    Develop a “Gift inventory” as a part of a larger plan for volunteer coordination
    Assess committee roles and council members roles and responsibilities in terms of time commitment
    Develop parameters for strong, committed Youth & Family leadership position (decrease possibility of continual turnover)

  5. Use resources effectively to support mission and goals.
    Examine how we approach stewardship
    Take inventory of the assets of the congregation
    Hold information sessions