Earth Justice

Lutheran Earth Justice Advocates

Is an interest group at Christ Lutheran which meets after services on the last Sunday of each month.  We are a member of the Ecumenical Earth Justice Network, which has representatives from a number of Athens County churches.  Our mission is to provide programs, activities and educational opportunities within the Christ Lutheran community for the care of the earth and all of God’s creation.

The following are a list of the activities we have undertaken in the past several years. . .

  • Conducted a series of adult Sunday School lessons on spirituality and care of the environment.
  • Sponsored the Low Carbon Diet program within our church to help families to reduce their carbon emissions.
  • Assisted the Earth Justice Network in the sponsorship of a Global Warming Café to introduce the Low Carbon Diet Program to area church members.
  • Participation in other educational programs and activities of the Earth Justice Network.
  • Wrote a curriculum and sponsored a Vacation Church School session on care of creation.
  • Sponsored attendance of a member at a Bible Institute at Trinity Seminary on the Caring for the Earth.
  • Assisted in the planning of an outdoor service on the care of the earth.
  • Created a church lending library of materials and books on the care of creation.
  • Sponsored energy announcements before services and in the bulletin to increase awareness.
  • Arranged for an energy audit of the church and  a Sierra Club Audit of the Student Center.
  • Arranged for the participation of the church in the Green Landlord program with one of the church rentals.
  • Subsequently worked with church council on energy efficiency remediation of church and church house using information from the Energy Audit.
  • Sponsored a tours of energy efficient homes built by Tom Lovdal.
  • Conducted programs for Wit and Wisdom and activities with the youth on the care of creation.
  • Co-sponsored the visits of Dr. Mathew and Nancy Sleeth for Earth Week presentations.
  • Encouraged the participation of the church with Ohio Interfaith Power and Light
  • Sponsored a book review group for “Plan B”.
  • Created a church source for re-cycling compact fluorescent bulbs.
  • Competed for and won an energy efficiency contest sponsored by Ohio Interfaith Power and Light and used the prize money to purchase an energy efficient  refrigerator for the Fellowship Hall.
  • Participated in a panel discussion at the Ohio Interfaith Power and Light conference.

Earth Justice has accomplished many things

In the kitchen . . . 

•  Recycling Bins for glass, paper and plastic
•  Compost Buckets for all food scraps ad coffee filters
•  Glasses and cups were purchased as we work toward zero waste